Gonna be a BIG BROTHER soon!

This gorgeous mom and dad are expecting their second child any day now! Soon to be big brother, a ruff & tumble dude will have plenty to teach his little sister or brother when her or she arrives. This family including grandma and grandpa were such a pleasure to shoot. And as you can see pregnancy really suits mama Maggie! Which is great, because pregnancy is her business. Maggie is a certified Sacred Pregnancy teacher, a training birth doula and prenatal yoga instructor here on Maui. You better believe if I am ever so blessed to experience mother hood, I will be calling her!

On their photo shoot Maggie and Pieter brought with them some baby booties soon to be worn by baby #2. Also, Maggie brought a quilt which was made by her "mami" great grandma to add a really sweet and personal element to thier photos. I think it is always a good idea to include such things in these types of portraits. In some cases the photo may out last the personal effects, but you will always be able to look back on it all!

I am so looking forward to meeting Maggie's and Pieter's newest addition and maybe you will see some new born photos soon?!

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