Another Boy!

Jessica, Chris and Tayvin are looking forward to the new addition in their family. Jessica wanted to document this special time, because she had not done so before and wished she had. Well, I am so happy they made the decision to do so. Tayvin the soon to be big brother was really excited. He is a mover and a shaker and I didn’t want to stifle this in him, but instead embrace it and see what we would get. I am really pleased with the out come, and in the end we still got some tender moments between mom and son. Jessica is clearly a gorgeous pregnant woman and I thought her choice of clothes with the bohemian look ended up being so complimentary to the scenery. This is why I think it is important to think outside the box sometimes.  We stayed on the north shore of Maui for this shoot and the quality of light was amazing. Congratulations! I wish your family all the best! Can’t wait to see your little guy.