Deborah and Denis

This was an all day affair!  It started at the spa in the Westin Resort and was full of non stop surprises.  From ice sculptures to fire dancers and every thing in between.  This groom went all out for his bride.  Deborah and Denis had an awesome team behind them every step of the way, to be sure all details were covered.  Bonnie at the Westin Resort had her work cut out for her, but every thing went off with out a hitch!  It was a gorgeous day and they enjoyed their sunset while aboard the Hula Girl only to disembark for a show of fire dancers and acrobats.  These weddings are so fast passed, you certainly need to rely on some basic photography instincts to keep up!  The end result was a ton of amazing images that tell the whole story of their special wedding!  Many thanks Bonnie for your hard work, everything looked absolutely amazing!

An inside look from outside. The bride getting hair and makeup though the window of the spa.

Taking advantage of the quiet moments before the ceremony.